Shawn Droskoski and family
Shawn and his family

About Us

Droskoski Landscapes LLC is a small, local, family-owned and operated landscape business. Shawn Droskoski was born and raised on the North Fork and comes from a long line of skilled laborers who have owned farms, excavation companies, and other landscape maintenance businesses. Having spent all of his childhood learning about these professions from various family members, it was a natural progression in 2007 when Shawn started his own landscape business. Over the past 10 years, Shawn has expanded his services far beyond the basic landscape maintenance with which he began. He now also has experience in landscape design, construction, and installation. Shawn’s knowledge and expertise are derived from continuous self-education, the drive for perfection, and faithful clients who have given him the opportunity to put his visionary talents to work. Shawn’s wife, Jamie, has recently taken over the administrative side of the business so that Shawn can focus his time and effort where he can have the greatest impact – outside in your yard. With their one year old son, Weston, inspiring them to work hard every day, Shawn and Jamie are excited about expanding their business and helping new clients acquire an appreciation for the beautiful landscapes that are possible here on the North Fork.